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Agnes Mouse

Handcrafted in the Himalayas, Agnes has arrived in time for Christmas with a gift for you! She's been happily skipping and ringing her bell the whole way here as she's just so excited for the festivities to begin. Agnes is made using sustainable materials, and all her clothes have been wet felted and lovingly stitched to her needle felted body.

Al the African Land snail

Albert the African Landsnail is the biggest snail of 43,000 species! He's travelled here all the way from Nepal, can you imagine how long that must've taken him? Well done, Albert!

Albert EggStein

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We're sure Albert Eggstein can answer that for you, along with any other questions... what an egghead!

Amelia EggHeart

Not content with the Atlantic crossing, in the spirit of adventure Amelia has now flown solo all the way from The Himalayas where she was lovingly handmade by traditional needle felting techniques.

Amy Duck

This gals a real expert on duckface selfies!

Angel Sheep

Our Heavenly Angel Sheep is ready to bring some Chrismtas magic to your home.

Angelica Mouse

Angelica is beautifully hand crafted using sustainable, white felt and traditional needle felting techniques. Cute pink hears and a golden wire halo wrapped with metallic string, she truly is the perfect Christmas decoration for any animal lover. If you listen carefully, you'll hear her bell gently chiming in the breeze...

Angler Fish

They say the scariest creatures live on in the darkest depths of our waters, and judging by this guy we'd have to agree! Although it must be handy, always having that light on - you'd never have to fumble for your keys in the dark! Every single sharp and scary tooth has been hand stitched and needle felted, made from biodegradable materials.

Animal Brooches

Regular Price: £4.95

Special Price: £3.70

These quirky little brooches are the perfect gift or stocking filler for any animal lover!

Archie Mouse

Archie has walked all the way from his home in the Himalayas, wrapped in his enormous blue scarf to read you his favourite book. So, grab a cuppa and put your feet up for 'Archie's Adventures in Nepal'.

Arctic Fox

This little cutie isn't known for being particularly sociable, but he'll make an exception for you! Gorgeously fluffy white fur made from biodegradable materials and the sweetest little hand stitched expression, this adorable fox is sure to be a firm favourite with the family this winter.

Army Ant

It's sargent major Army Ant! This little ant has worked his way up through the ranks and would make the perfect bodyguard for your home. No one's messing with this guy!

Audrey Alpaca

Lolloping lovely, Audrey Alpaca is the sweetest gal on the farm and is looking for a new home! Biscuit coloured, curly fur and four stumpy little legs, Audrey is sure to get your heart trotting fast!

Autumn Leaf Garland

Gorgeous autumnal leaves on a natural rattan string garland, perfect for brightening up a dreary October day. Nothing says comfort like those gorgeously warm red and yellow tones, we're certain you won't be missing the summer one bit with this beauty adorning your home.

Autumnal Bubble Garland

Your summer garden party, an Easter tree, draped across the mantlepiece during colourful Autumnal months... We're yet to find an occasion or location that can't be accessorised with one of our fabulous Bubble garlands. 120cm long and made entirely from hand rolled, biodegradable felt balls with a reusable organic cotton bag, these garlands make for a perfect pressie or decedent decoration for any time of year.

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Results 1 - 15 of 401


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