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Gifts Under £20.00

Gifts Under £20.00

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Running around in the field, it's a curly alpaca and he's dying to meet you!

Angelica Mouse

Angelica is beautifully hand crafted...


We love our mini version of the colossal Ankylosaurus!

Archie Mouse

Archie has walked all the way from his home in the Himalayas...

Autumnal Garland 120cm

Decorate your house with Autumn leaves with this garland.

Bee Keyring

This little busy bee will buzz around your keys all day!

Black Sheep

An absolutely adorable little chap!

Black Sheep Keyring

An adorable little sheep with a curly fleece!

Brown Bear on wooden base

This little chap isn't fearsome at all and, with his jolly red crown...

Brown Hedgehog

This adorable brown hedgehog is a delight to the touch, soft spikes of felt make this a hedgehog you will want to handle. Handmade Felt

Bunny Garland

A pinch of colour for this Easter.

Busy Beehive

The bees are busy buzzing around this colourful beehive.


A gorgeous collection of cactus in 7 different styles.

Candy Legged Reindeer

With candy canes for legs, she is a sweet surprise!

Carla the Camel

Carla has had us all believing...

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Results 1 - 15 of 96


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