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Balloon Fiesta

Up, up and away with our charming balloons

Bunny Garland

A pinch of colour for this Easter.


A gorgeous collection of cactus in 7 different styles.

Carrot Bunny Garland

A gorgeous Carrot and Bunny garland for Easter.

Colourful Advent Calendar

The gorgeous advent calendar will last year after year.

Decorative Trees

What a perfect way to display your lovely felt hangings!

Egg Cosy | Hatching Chick, Fluffy Sheep, Grey Bunny

Bring a smile to your kitchen at breakfast with Yellow hatching chick, fluffy sheep or grey bunny, We love them all!

Feather and Bird Garland

This is a lovely decoration for any special occasion

Flamingo Garland

1, 2, 3, 4…Flamingos!!

Holly Garland 120cm

A lovely festive holly garland, only without the spikes!

Holly Wreath

A lovely, leafy holly wreath to hang on your door.

Mini Xmas Tree on Wooden Stand

A perfect desktop creation for the office...

Sheep Garland

Perfect for a peaceful nights sleep.

Snow Advent Calendar

Going for a classy theme this Christmas?

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Results 1 - 15 of 19


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