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Archie Mouse

Archie has walked all the way from his home in the Himalayas...

Bear with Balloon

Regular Price: £9.95

Special Price: £7.46

Our happy little bear has a balloon and wants to share it with you!

Bedtime Mouse

Our sleepy mouse is ready for bed!

Bertie Badger

Bertie will compliment any woodland...

Big Red Fox

Regular Price: £24.95

Special Price: £12.45

Cunning and clever, this large red fox is beautifully made and soft enough to hug.

Brown Bear on wooden base

This little chap isn't fearsome at all and, with his jolly red crown...

Brown Hedgehog

This adorable brown hedgehog is a delight to the touch, soft spikes of felt make this a hedgehog you will want to handle. Handmade Felt

Cosy Country Hare

Regular Price: £8.95

Special Price: £6.95

This Cosy Country Hare is wrapped up in his beautiful handknitted red scarf.

Decorative Trees

The perfect way to display all your lovely felt hangings! Plus there's a style for each season, so whether you're after flora or foliage we have you covered. Made from wire wrapped felt with adjustable branches and beautifully delicate leaves and flowers made from handmade felt.


King of the forest, our eco-friendly Elk takes pride of place in any home.

Eric the Squirrel

Hand finished in fluffy grey felt...

Freddy Fox

It’s a little known fact that Freddy Fox is the original hipster

Funny Bear

Regular Price: £7.95

Special Price: £5.16

This pocket-sized bear is all ready to hibernate, wrapped tightly in his woollen scarf.

Grey Deer with Scarf

Wrapped up from the cold...


Ok. So, we know that big grey tusks...

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Results 1 - 15 of 34


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