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Archie Mouse

Archie has walked all the way from his home in the Himalayas, wrapped in his enormous blue scarf to read you his favourite book. So, grab a cuppa and put your feet up for 'Archie's Adventures in Nepal'.

Artistic Mouse

This creative mouse is ready to paint smiles on your face.

Bear with Balloon

Regular Price: £9.95

Special Price: £7.46

Who doesn't secretly still love a balloon?! This adorable little bear certainly looks pretty chuffed with his. We don't blame him, just make sure you hold on tight!

Bedtime Mouse

This sleepy little mouse could not be more ready to get snuggled up in bed! He's got his candle to light his way and a super cosy night cap to keep him warm through these chilly winter nights.

Bertie Badger

Bertie is the perfect addition to any woodland scene. Plus his long, stripy nose will snaffle out lunch for you in no time as he scampers around under the leaves!

Brown Bear on Wooden Base

Regular Price: £10.95

Special Price: £7.95

This little chap is certainly feeling proud of himself in his jolly red crown. We're sure he will look lovely among your festive decorations, but be sure to keep him well away from the honey! His beady little eyes and wrinkly nose can hunt out honey from miles away...

Brown Hedgehog

An adorable little hedgehog that you can pick up and snuggle, no spikes here! This little cutie is made from traditional needle felting techniques, each soft and delicate spike hand stitched onto his back by our team of skilled artists in Nepal.

Cosy Country Hare

Regular Price: £8.95

Special Price: £6.95

This beautiful Cosy Country Hare is wrapped up and ready for Christmas and will make the perfect addition to any country home, plus he has a beautiful, hand knitted red scarf on to keep him warm when he's frolicking through the English countryside.

Decorative Trees

The perfect way to display all your lovely felt hangings! Plus there's a style for each season, so whether you're after flora or foliage we have you covered. Made from wire wrapped felt with adjustable branches and beautifully delicate leaves and flowers made from handmade felt.


This proud, strong Elk is the king of the forest, and we're sure he'll make a wonderful addition to your woodland display. This beautiful decoration is perfect for Christmas, however we're sure you could probably find somewhere for him all year round...

Eric the Squirrel

Little Eric has carried his acorn all the way from Nepal but just can't seem to find the right hiding place. Can you help? He'll be your friend for life if you do!

Freddy Fox

It's a little known fact that Freddy Fox is the original hipster. Where he leads, everyone follows. Wearing his buttoned down jacket in classic grey and with a beard and tail that the locals of Shoreditch can only dream of, his handmade, Fairtrade elegance is always one step ahead of the fashionistas.

Grey Deer with Scarf

Wrapped up from the cold with his chunky knitted scarf, this gorgeous, grey, doe-eyed beauty is sure to compliment any contemporary Christmas display!


Okay... So, we know that big grey tusks and fangs should be scary but who can't help but smile at this toothy chap! He may scare away the odd rabbit but he doesn't scare us. We're absolutely certain this goofy toothed fellow will put a beaming smile on any little ones face!

Grizzly Bear

We're certain you're going to fall in love with this grizzly little sweetheart, I mean, just look at that face! The perfect little bear for your Christmas tree... or any time of year for that matter. If you're like us, you probably won't be able to BEAR putting him away each year. Made from traditional needle felting techniques, complete with tiny little beads for his glossy black eyes.

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