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A gorgeous collection of cactus in 7 different styles.


This beautiful cockatoo flew here all the way from Nepal.


Who doesn't love a llama, right?! I know we certainly do. Plus, ours comes with an adorable little blanket and pompoms.. because the only thing we love more than a llama, is a good accessory!

Llama Fiesta

This little llama certainly isn't frightened of accessorising! He's got a big night tonight and decided to pull out all the stops! Frills and pompoms galore - we think he looks absolutely fabulous!

Llama Keyring

This traditional lama is trustworthy and will never let you down.

Mini Flamingo

A pocket sized flamingo but still standing tall!

Miniature Plants

Our fabulous minature plant collection is perfect for adding a touch of greenery to those dull, dreary corners. Plus, they're super low maintenance - no water required! These fabulous little plants would make perfect gifts for any plant enthusiast or budding green thumb.
Ostrich Fern (Pale Green leaves with Charcoal and Brown Pot) - 10cm x 7cm
Ficus Elastica Plant (Purple tinted leaves in Grey Pot) - 12.5cm x 7cm
Blossoming Hedgehog Cactus (Green Cactus with Pink Flowers in Green Pot) - 15cm x 8cm *OUT OF STOCK*
Mini Monstera Plant (Dark Green Leaves in Burnt Orange Pot) - 14cm x 8cm
Sanseveria Plant (Green Leaves with Cream Pot) - 11.5cm x 7cm
Sedum Succulent (Green Succulent in Green Pot) - 13cm x 7cm

Paco the Parrot

Chirping away contentedly, this clever little fella is an excellent companion...

Pink Flamingo

Regular Price: £9.95

Special Price: £7.75

Wow what a sight, bright pink plumage and those long elegant legs!

Polly Parrot

Polly Parrot has flown all the way from Nepal to be with her good friend, Paco! With her plush red and yellow plummage she's sure to be the talk of the town.. Or the trees…

Totem Pole Cactus

Everyone’s favourite prickly plant, but with a classic Felt so good flare! These cacti come in three different styles, each as fabulous as the last.

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