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Louella Lobster

This hopeless romantic of the sea has swum up in search of a lifelong partner! This cute crustacean would make the perfect addition to any seaside display, or perhaps as a romantic gesture on valentine's day!

Meg the Mermaid

Meg the Mermaid is the perfect pocket size beauty! A beautiful present for any mermaid loving little girl or seaside dweller - add a sense of mythical, magical mystery to your homes with Meg and her miraculous mane!


Our very own sea unicorn...

Ollie the Octopus

All of Ollie the Octopus's tentacles are bendable and made with love.

Pascal Prawn

What Pascal prawn may lack in size and strength, he certainly makes up for in sass. Neon pink to make the crabs wink!

Perry the Penguin

Little Perry hasn’t quite mastered the art of swimming yet, luckily he’s got his trusty rubber ring on so he can brave the arctic seas.


This little fella is certainly sporting one crazy expression and hairstyle, but we love him! He'd also love to be the VIP guest at your barbecue, thanks for asking!

Raymond the Ray

Raymond the Ray has travelled up from the very bottom of the ocean floor to say hello! This gentle giant would make a perfect gift for any budding marine biologist or deep sea diver.

River Shark

This little river shark certainly doesn't scare us, he's adorable!

Sailor Seal

Hello, Sailor! This fabulous little Seal has taken to the seas - and he certainly looks the part! Needlefelted and handmade in Nepal, this sassy little chap is the perfect addition to any quirky Christmas collection.


A lovely Salmon, the perfect addition to an underwater display.

Salvador Squid

Made from brilliantly bright blue felt complete with a quirky look in his eye and accessory adorned tentacles, we're sure this stylish little squid will make a splash wherever he's proudly displayed!

Sandy Seahorse

Sandy Seahorse is all the colours of her beautiful ocean home.

Sea Bream

Bream's can come true...

Sebastian Crab

Can you see Sebastian red crab scuttling through the sea?

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Results 16 - 30 of 37


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