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Al the African Land snail

Albert the African Landsnail is the biggest snail of 43,000 species! He's travelled here all the way from Nepal, can you imagine how long that must've taken him? Well done, Albert!

Army Ant

It's sargent major Army Ant! This little ant has worked his way up through the ranks and would make the perfect bodyguard for your home. No one's messing with this guy!

Birthday Party Panda

This adorable little Panda is all ready for his birthday party! Perhaps he'll be kind enough to share a slice of Birthday cake with you, I hope you like bamboo flavour… Handmade using needle felting techniques, with a wet felted hat with metallic string tassels.

Camo Chamelon

Wait.. Where did Camo go?! If I were you I'd snap up this cheeky chameleon before he pulls his famous disappearing act again!

Carla the Camel

Carla has had us all believing...

Chris Croc

Chris Croc, known around the murky waters for his super snappy one liners and sharp witted humour. Not only is Chris quite the comedian, he's also made from entirely biodegradable materials under fair trade working conditions.

Flying Elephant

Who said Elephants couldn't fly?

Kenny Koala

Kenny the Koala has hit the jackpot and found himself a big tasty branch of eucalyptus to munch on! We wish our snacks were as big as us, too...

King Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion has finally been promoted to leader of the pride, and with his promotion comes some sparkly new bling. Leo rules every jungle from here to Nepal, where he was lovingly handmade by traditional felting techniques.

Maurice the Monkey

This little chap is sure to add a touch of mischief wherever he is displayed! Maurice has his favourite snack, but watch what he does with that banana skin, these monkeys tend to have a tendancy of being a tad cheeky...

Paradise Palm Tree

Ahhh, we can just feel the sand between our toes and hear the waves crashing. Display this Paradise Palm Tree in your home and immediately be transported to white beaches and blue waters. We can almost taste the Pina Colada…

Red Panda

It's everyones favourite tree lurking cutie! This little guy is native to the Himalayas, which is where he was lovingly handcrafted by traditional needlefelting techniques.

Sassy Zebra

Woah! Check out this sassy zebra! We heard she's off on her Summer holidays, and she's packed only her most fabulous outfits. This crazy lady is sure to make a real splash wherever she's displayed, I mean, how could you not in that chic look?

Sir Geoffrey Giraffe

Well La-de-dah! Geoffrey the Giraffe is certainly dressed to impress! Gosh, I wonder how many extra inches that Top Hat adds, we don't think he needs it…


This slippery character is set to slither right onto your Christmas tree this year, ready to add a splash of glamorous indulgence to your festive display! This snake decoration is made from natural and biodegradable materials with gorgeous hand stitched finishing. The perfect quirky gift or decoration for snake lovers, and a striking addition to any display!

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Results 1 - 15 of 16


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