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Regular Price: £75.00

Special Price: £56.25

These wonderful baskets really brighten any room. Made from individually hand-rolled balls of felt and with strengthened handles, they are show-stoppingly gorgeous! Handmade felt.


A gorgeous collection of cactus in 7 different styles.

Carrot Bunny Garland

A gorgeous Carrot and Bunny garland for Easter.

Colourful Advent Calendar

This larger than life decoration is truly a colourful Christmas show stopper. A total of three metres long, plus each little bootie individually hand stitched, needle felted and adorned with pompoms! Pop in a surprise each day and make that Christmas countdown even more fun. We're certain this truly special advent will hold a special place in the entire family's heart.

Decorative Trees

The perfect way to display all your lovely felt hangings! Plus there's a style for each season, so whether you're after flora or foliage we have you covered. Made from wire wrapped felt with adjustable branches and beautifully delicate leaves and flowers made from handmade felt.

Deliciously Garland Bag

Regular Price: £27.95

Special Price: £20.95

You'll be sure to turn heads whilst strutting down the street with this funky bag! Made entirely of individually hand rolled felt balls with a fabric lining and zip, this bag exudes more funk than Bootsy Collins.

Feather and Bird Garland

This is a lovely decoration for any special occasion

Flamingo Garland

1, 2, 3, 4…Flamingos!!

Flump Pen Holder

Regular Price: £3.95

Special Price: £2.56

Extra long for EXTRA FUN pencil holders.

Miniature Plants

Our fabulous minature plant collection is perfect for adding a touch of greenery to those dull, dreary corners. Plus, they're super low maintenance - no water required! These fabulous little plants would make perfect gifts for any plant enthusiast or budding green thumb.
Ostrich Fern (Pale Green leaves with Charcoal and Brown Pot) - 10cm x 7cm
Ficus Elastica Plant (Purple tinted leaves in Grey Pot) - 12.5cm x 7cm
Blossoming Hedgehog Cactus (Green Cactus with Pink Flowers in Green Pot) - 15cm x 8cm
Mini Monstera Plant (Dark Green Leaves in Burnt Orange Pot) - 14cm x 8cm
Sanseveria Plant (Green Leaves with Cream Pot) - 11.5cm x 7cm
Sedum Succulent (Green Succulent in Green Pot) - 13cm x 7cm

Rollercoasters (Set of 2)

Regular Price: £10.95

Special Price: £5.47

These deliciously dazzling coasters are bound to brighten any table. Beautifully handmade to the highest quality, these chunky coasters are perfect for holding up that very large glass of wine you're definitely not about to tuck into...


Regular Price: £150.00

Special Price: £112.50

An absolutely stunning rug, all of the balls have been individually hand-rolled and then carefully and firmly stitched together to create a show-stopping item for the home

Snow Advent Calendar

This spectacular white and gold advent calendar is sure to add decadence and class wherever it is displayed, as well as bringing a smile to the whole family’s face! A truly show stopping decoration that you’ll look forward to getting out year after year.

Unicorn Garland

And your dreams have come true with this unicorn garland.

White Light bulb Garland

Simple and stylish, these really light up a room!

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Results 1 - 15 of 16


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