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Jazzy Bee

Time for a Bumble Bee makeover


Lamas are well know for their luxurious wool.

Lama Fiesta

Our cheery lama is a happy soul...

Lama Fiesta Egg Cosy / Tree Topper

This cheerful character is all decked out...

Mallard Duck

This wonderfully colourful duck makes brightens up any room all year round.

Mini Floral Wreath

Bring some Springtime...

Minty the Lamb

You know that Spring...

Paws Brooch

Regular Price: £4.95

Special Price: £2.47

A funky homage to all things canine.


Symbol of initiative and leadership, rams wear majestic horns like a crown

Rocky the Rooster

Regular Price: £8.40

Special Price: £5.46

Off to the farmyard we go with Rocky the Rooster.

Sahara the Dog

This gorgeous little dog is all dressed up with an adorable yellow bow tie. Perfect for any occasion - this adorable pooch was handmade in the Himalayas.


This soft quilted sheep has been made handmade needle felted with natural wool.

Sheep Baubles (bag of 3)

These delightful felt baubles are perfect to hang from any Easter decoration.

Sort by:

Results 46 - 60 of 65


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