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Perez the Poodle

Perez the Poodle is feeling extra fly this festive season! Bright pink, permed poof on top of his head and with legs to match, this pretentiously perfect little poodle is a perfect pressie for any pooch enthusiast. (Try saying that really quick!) Made using traditional needle felting techniques in Nepal from biodegradable materials.

Pip the Dog

Pip the Pooch is all dressed to impress in his adorable red bandana! We recommend getting yourself a matching one and hitting the town together!

Pot o' Flowers

These delightfully delicate pots of flowers are the perfect way to welcome in the Spring, without having to go outside! Whether it's sunflowers or daisies, these wonderful hanging decorations are sure to brighten up any dull corner.

Rabbit with Scarf

This Rabbit is ready for any cold weather coming his way in his beautiful blue scarf.


Brighten up any dull and dreary corner and remind yourself of the beauty in a bad situation! Perfect for any kitsch and camp display, or a must-have for any girly girls bedroom! This handmade, needle felted moment of magic is sure to bring a smile to your face.


Symbol of initiative and leadership, rams wear majestic horns like a crown

Regina Rabbit

Regina Rabbit has hopped all the way here from the Himalayas, just in time for some Easter celebrations!

Rocky the Rooster

Regular Price: £8.40

Special Price: £5.46

Rocky the Rooster is known for being one of the bad boys of his coop, just look at that spiked up hair and cool-guy look In his eye! This roostin’ rebel will definitely not be holding back on those early morning wake up calls, sorry!

Sahara the Dog

This gorgeous little dog is all dressed up with an adorable yellow bow tie. Perfect for any occasion - this pretty little pooch was handmade in the Himalayas.


This soft quilted sheep has been made handmade by needle felting techniques using natural wool, which started off on a sheep’s back! Thanks guys!

Sheep Baubles (bag of 3)

These sheep baubles are perfect for an Easter display, or even on a slightly baaa-rmy Christmas tree!

Sheep Garland

The perfect garland for those restless sleepers or farmyard fanatics. Place it over you bed to help you drift off to sleep or use it to brighten up any room. At 120cm long and made entirely from biodegradable felt, with a reusable organic cotton bag, these garlands make for a perfect pressie or decedent decoration for any time of year.

Shelby Snail

This sweet little Shelby Snail is perfect for any little creepy crawly enthusiast! With her smiley red face and funky green shell, she's certainly almost as good as the real deal.


Who else remembers the joy of finding a garden snail in the back garden when they were younger? Well, you can relive that euphoria everyday with our gorgeous green garden snail!

Sunflowers (bag of 6)

Hang these gorgeous yellow sunflowers anywhere that needs brightening up with a little sunshine!

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Results 46 - 60 of 62


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