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Easter Bunnies

Regular Price: £4.95

Special Price: £3.21

This group of colourful bunnies are bouncing around this Easter.

Easter Bunny Bag

Not just a cute sleeping bunny, this is the answer to where to hide those mini eggs.

Easter Eggs (Bag of 5)

5 little needle felted Easter eggs all in different patterns.

Egg Cosies

Regular Price: £11.95

Special Price: £8.96

Wonderful decoration to any breakfast table or maybe a late breakfast in bed

Egg Cosy | Hatching Chick, Fluffy Sheep, Grey Bunny

Bring a smile to your kitchen at breakfast with Yellow hatching chick, fluffy sheep or grey bunny, We love them all!

Flump Pen Holder

Regular Price: £3.95

Special Price: £2.56

Extra long for EXTRA FUN pencil holders.

Flying Pig

The proverbial day has finally arrived! Perfect for any time of year.

Friendly Feline - Cat

Everyone needs a friendly feline in their life...

Green Man

Welcome in the Spring...

Grey Bunny

If you are very quiet the Grey Bunny will appear, rustling through the foliage out of her den.

Grey Cat

Handmade in 100% wool this is the perfect gift for cat lovers.

Hanging Carrots (Bag of 5)

Hang these carrots anywhere and everywhere to create a real Easter feel this season.

Hatching Chick

Oh look, what's that? A chick is hatching out of it's shell.

Highland Cow

Grazing in the highlands, this cow needs his long wavy brown coat to overwinter.

Jack*** Donkey

Donkey or "burro", as you want to call him, has come to stay with us

Sort by:

Results 31 - 45 of 65


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