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Glorious Greens

No excuse for not getting your 5 a day now! Adorable Spring Onions, Beautiful Beetroot, Bushy Broccoli or everyone's favourite.. the Avocado! Which one would be top of your shopping list?

Grey Bunny

If you are very quiet the Grey Bunny will appear, rustling through the foliage out of her den.

Grey Cat

This guy looks like the cat who got the cream! He's found his very own ball of yarn and he's not planning on sharing it with anyone!

Hatching Chick

What says spring time more than one of these fuzzy, yellow little cuties? He's hatched just in time to spread some Spring time cheer and would be absolutely honoured to be part of your Easter display.

Highland Cow

From Nepal to the infamous Scottish Highlands, it's a good thing this guy has a warm fuzzy coat to keep him warm! This gentle giant is one of our favourites, and I'm sure you can see why! Made from traditional needle felting techniques combined with a plush coat of brown fuzzy wool, how could you not fall in love with this guy?

Hugo the Dog

Hugo the Dog has his adorable little party hat on and he's ready to celebrate. He even went to the groomers, can you tell?

Jasper the Dog

This handsome pooch is all wrapped up in his gorgeous red scarf, perfect for the winter months (or the British summertime...) Handmade and needle felted in Nepal, this little guy is the perfect companion for any time of year.

Jazzy Bee

Bring a bit of sparkle into the garden with this gold, glittering bumblebee!

Llama Fiesta

This little llama certainly isn't frightened of accessorising! He's got a big night tonight and decided to pull out all the stops! Frills and pompoms galore - we think he looks absolutely fabulous!

Lulu the Lamb

The first signs of spring are here and so is Lulu the Lamb! With her adorable fluffy coat and sweet pink cheeks, this little sweetheart would look perfect hanging on your easter tree.

Mini Floral Wreath

These divinely delicate floral wreaths are sure to add an elegant flare to any spring time display, or little girls bedroom!

Mini Groovy Bumblebees (Bag of 3)

Our ever so popular Bumblebee has had a groovy makeover and is now three times as funky! These mini Groovy bumblebees are sure to add a serious pop of colour wherever they're displayed.

Mini Yellow Duckling

Regular Price: £6.95

Special Price: £3.47

This sweet little duckling is just beginning to find his feet in the farmyard, with that adorable face we’re sure he’s bound to make quite the splash!

Minty the Lamb

What says Spring time more than the arrival of these little cuties! Minty has arrived just in time for the festivities and is bound to bring a smile to anyone's face this Easter.

Patch the Dog

Patch the Pooch is such a gentle little poppet. With his funny flopsy ears and chocolate patchy fur, we're sure you won't be able to resist bringing this smiley little fella home with you. Made from biodegradable materials using traditional needle felting techniques.

Sort by:

Results 31 - 45 of 62


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