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Cluckin' Chicken

Cluck cluck cluck! These cluckin' chickens are pecking about the coop looking for a new friend... Could it be you?

Cock a doodle doo

Regular Price: £8.95

Special Price: £5.35

Wake up! Wake up! There's no time for sleeping when this noisy cockerels about! With his vibrant red and orange colourings and impressively loud clucking, this guys sure to make those lazy lie ins a distant memory.


This cockerel the proudest bird in the coop! With that beautiful plumage we're not surprised he has all the hens clucking over him...

Daisies (bag of 6)

These delicate daisies will be sure to bring sunshine into any home. Each organza bag comes with 6 fabulous little hangings that are guaranteed to beautifully adorn any spring time display.

Decorative Trees

What a perfect way to display your lovely felt hangings!

Desmond Duck

Desmond Duck is prepared for the British summertime thanks to his trusty blue brolly! People here tend to complain about the lack of sunshine, but it's perfect for Desmond.

Easter Bunny Bag

These adorable bunny bags are the perfect accessory for an Easter egg hunt! Handmade in the Himalayas and Fairtrade, the only thing you have to worry about is how many of those chocolate eggs you eat! Oops! Available in blue and pink.

Egg Cosies

Regular Price: £11.95

Special Price: £8.96

These farmyard themed egg cosies make the perfect kitchen accessory for any country home! Choose from Duck, Sheep, Beehive or Chick, these useful little egg cosies are both practical and adorable!

Flying Pig

The proverbial day has finally arrived! This guy is living proof to never give up on your dreams, you never know what may happen!

Grey Bunny

If you are very quiet the Grey Bunny will appear, rustling through the foliage out of her den.

Grey Cat

This guy looks like the cat who got the cream! He's found his very own ball of yarn and he's not planning on sharing it with anyone!

Hatching Chick

What says spring time more than one of these fuzzy, yellow little cuties? He's hatched just in time to spread some Spring time cheer and would be absolutely honoured to be part of your Easter display.

Highland Cow

From Nepal to the infamous Scottish Highlands, it's a good thing this guy has a warm fuzzy coat to keep him warm! This gentle giant is one of our favourites, and I'm sure you can see why!

Hugo the Dog

Hugo the Dog has his adorable little party hat on and he's ready to celebrate. He even went to the groomers, can you tell?

Jack*** Donkey

Hee-Haw! This guy's got a bit of a reputation for being a bit of an... well, ass! But we think he's still pretty adorable. You'll be sure to add some drama to any display with this stubborn mule.

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Results 16 - 30 of 47


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