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Busy Beehive

The bees are busy buzzing around this colourful beehive.

Cat Family

We all love our furry companions...

Chattering Chicks

These little chicks...


6 little needle felted hatchlings, all in different colours.

Christmas Big Bumble Bee

Always with a smile, this Christmas Bumblebee has flew from the hive to come and spread some festive cheer.

Cock a doodle doo

There's no time for sleeping when our noisy cockerel is around!


This plucky little cockerel has a beautiful plumage!

Daisies (bag of 6)

These cute daisies will bring Springtime into any home

Daisy Display

A cluster of beautiful hand felted daisies...

Daisy the Cow

A moo and then a jingle, it must be daisy and her bell!

Daschund Dog

This gorgeous Daschund has a beautiful festive scarf, perfect for winter!

Decorative Trees

What a perfect way to display your lovely felt hangings!

Delightful Doggies

Bernard, Binky and Spot are firm friends...

Desmond Duck

All prepared for the weather,...

Sort by:

Results 16 - 30 of 65


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