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Albert EggStein

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We're sure Albert Eggstein can answer that for you, along with any other questions... what an egghead!

Amelia EggHeart

Not content with the Atlantic crossing, in the spirit of adventure Amelia has now flown solo all the way from The Himalayas where she was lovingly handmade by traditional needle felting techniques.

Amy Duck

This gals a real expert on duckface selfies!

Big-eared Bunny

This delightful and floppy eared rabbit is a fantastic addition to your family. It's hard to be glum when he's around!

Bunny Garland

A pinch of colour for this Easter.

Bunny with carrot

Hop into Easter with this adorable little chap! I'm sure he'd love to join you for an Easter Egg Hunt, if he can only put his snack down for five minutes...

Bunny with Orange Scarf

This little, grey bunny is certainly ready for any weather, all thanks to his brand new scarf!

Carrot Bunny Garland

A gorgeous Carrot and Bunny garland for Easter.

Chattering Chicks

These little chicks spend all day chattering, they natter on about anything... so long as it's about food! Choose from 5 bright colours. Blue, Yellow, White, Green or Pink.


6 little needle felted hatchlings, all in different colours.

Chirpy Chicks

These Chirpy little Chicks are simply too cute! Choose from Shelly in her adorable eggshell trousers, Bonnie with her fabulous Easter Bonnet or Baxter and his big backpack of carrots. Or why not get all three?! Easter is the time to indulge, after all…

Cosy Bunny

These delightful bunnies are ready for the winter months!

Cosy Lambs

Despite they're fluffy coats, these little lambs were still feeling a little chilly! Now they're super cosy in their fabulous coloured scarves. Choose from Green, Pink or Yellow - each truly adorable!

Crazy Chick

Regular Price: £5.95

Special Price: £2.97

He may be a bit crazy but he's still cute as a button!

Daffodil Pot

These bright and vibrant daffodils are the perfect way to welcome in the new season and even come with an adorable red spotty little ladybird!

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Results 1 - 15 of 36


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