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Albert EggStein

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Amelia EggHeart

Not content with the Atlantic crossing, Amelia has now flown solo from The Himalayas to be with you and her best pal Albert Eggstein.

Amy Duck

Wearing her pretty blue bonnet...

Big Bunny with long ears

Mr Bunny will be the centrepiece of any display this Easter

Big-eared Bunny

This delightful and floppy eared rabbit is a fantastic addition to your family. It's hard to be glum when he's around!

Bunny Garland

A pinch of colour for this Easter.

Bunny in Robe

This homey bunny would love to have a cup of tea with you at home

Bunny with carrot

Hop into Easter with our adorable mini bunny who's happily munching away on a carrot.


6 little needle felted hatchlings, all in different colours.

Daisies (bag of 6)

These cute daisies will bring Springtime into any home

Decorative Trees

What a perfect way to display your lovely felt hangings!

Easter Bunnies

Regular Price: £4.95

Special Price: £3.21

This group of colourful bunnies are bouncing around this Easter.

Easter Bunny Bag

Not just a cute sleeping bunny, this is the answer to where to hide those mini eggs.

Easter Chicks (bag of 5)

These chirping chicks are a colourful bunch.

Easter Eggs (Bag of 5)

5 little needle felted Easter eggs all in different patterns.

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Results 1 - 15 of 22


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