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Rosie Robin

This Robin has preened his redbreast so it's super red and ready for that camera to roll!

Rotund Robin

Helping Father Christmas finish off his treats is this intrepid little fellow!


Watch out for your ice creams! Bring the seaside home with this gorgeous fairtrade seagull.


Regular Price: £6.95

Special Price: £4.51

One of our most popular designs within our lovely Woodland Collection


Because of the great protection they give to their hatchlings or even to older or sick birds the storks are symbol of motherhood

Swan Lake

Regular Price: £6.95

Special Price: £3.47

Beautifully elegant and simple

Sweetheart Robin

What a sweetheart! This Chirpy little fellow will brighten up any room.

Tyto Alba Owl

With such a beautiful heart shaped face...

Wise Owl

Regular Price: £6.50

Special Price: £3.25

With a wonderful design incorporating a swooping brow, this gorgeous owl looks absolutely stunning in any space.

Wonderfully White Goose

A wonderfully happy little decoration

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Results 31 - 40 of 40


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