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This proud little Puffin has a beautifully contrasting design, sure to add some vibrancy to any space! The perfect addition for your seaside display or coastal home, or perhaps your quirky Christmas tree!

Robin on a Holly Branch

This needle felted Robin sits proudly amongst the beautiful, felted red berries. It doesn't get more festive than this little guy!

Robin with Scarf

This adorable little fellow looks snug and happy in his gorgeous scarf.

Rosie Robin

Famously tame, this Robin is flying in for his photo call. He's preened his redbreast carefully so its super red and he can't wait for that camera to roll. You just have to decide on his backdrop.


Hang onto your ice creams! This coastal tyrant is the true mascot of the seaside, and now you can bring some of that seaside home with you with our gorgeous Seagull. Handmade using entirely sustainable materials, with wool wrapped, adjustable, wire legs so he can perch or hang.

Sweetheart Robin

What a sweetheart! This chirpy chap is bound to brighten up any festive display, with his adorable love heart shaped, red plumage and gorgeous hand stitched expression.

Sylvia Swan

What's that shining in the distance? It's Sylvia Swans glamorous crown twinkling in the sun as she glides graefully down the river. This queen of the water is sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any display.

Tyto Alba Owl

With that beautiful heart shaped face and iconic feathering, it's easy to spot that Tyto is a Barn Owl, and a majestic one at that. Tyto is bound to swoop in and make any whimsical woodland scene complete.

Whimsical Winter Robins - bag of 3)

These whimsical winter robins are sure to add a touch of woodland wonder to your Christmas tree this year. Get three different robins with different coloured breasts in an organza bag, handmade and fair trade.

Wonderfully White Goose

A wonderfully white, happy little Goose. Perfect for your 12 days of Christmas vibe - handcrafted using traditional needle felting techniques using sustainable materials.

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Results 16 - 25 of 25


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