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Mini Flamingo

A pocket sized flamingo but still standing tall!

Mini Heron

Mini heron is not so small atop his long, elegant legs!


This cute little owl is becoming a firm favourite with all ages. Handmade felt

Paco the Parrot

Chirping away contentedly, this clever little fella is an excellent companion...


This lovely partridge has come down from his pear tree!


This wonderfully colourful and delicate design is something not to be missed!


A classic English countryside resident...

Pigeon with a Scarf

This pigeon is beautifully made in various shades of grey, and he's certainly ready for Christmas with his cosy, hand knitted red scarf!

Pink Flamingo

Regular Price: £9.95

Special Price: £7.75

Wow what a sight, bright pink plumage and those long elegant legs!

Polly Parrot

Polly Parrot has flown all the way from Nepal to be with her good friend, Paco! With her plush red and yellow plummage she's sure to be the talk of the town.. Or the trees…


This proud little fellow has a beautifully contrasting design


This majestic handmade raven has flown all the way from the Tower of London to join our bird collection.

Red Robin

A bright and compact design

Red Robin Clip

Proudly displaying his bright red chest, this Robin clip will add a splash of colour to whatever it is attached to.

Robin on a Holly Branch

This lovely needle felted Robin sits amongst the red berries.

Sort by:

Results 16 - 30 of 40


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