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Penguin Skiing

This adorable little penguin has always wanted to learn how to ski, and this Winter he’s finally giving it a go! I’m sure we’ll be seeing him zoom along the South Pole slopes in no time.

Polar Bear

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. This timeless cutie has an inquisitive little expression and wonderful big paws, perfect for plodding through the arctic snow this winter.

Polar Bear on Ice

This polar bear has been zooming across the glob, from Nepal to the North Pole and finally, your Christmas tree!

Polar Bear on wooden base

This free standing Polar Bear is all wrapped up from the cold in his bright red knitted scarf. Whether you use him to jazz up your mantelpiece or keep guard over your mince pies for you - this polar bear is sure to make the perfect companion this Christmas!

Polar Bear with Antlers

This smiley little Polar Bear has gotten into the festive fancy dress box and become rather attached to some antlers! And how handsome he looks, too!

Polar Bear with ice cream

Bet you didn't know that the ice cream van delivered all the way to the North Pole, did you?

Polar Express

Whizzing around with confidence, this rambunctious bear is king of the slopes!

Santa Penguin

This sweet little penguin is really getting in the Christmas spirit! He’s got on his Santa hat and he’s spread some festive cheer.

Sleeping Polar Bear

Zzzzz... This sleepy little polar bear is ready to hibernate the winter away.

Snowman with Knitted Scarf

Keeping himself warm this Christmas

Winter Polar Bear

This adorable miniature polar bear is ready to brave those harsh arctic winds, thanks to his little red scarf!


Yeti, Big Foot, The Abominable Snowman... whatever you call him, he DEFINITELY exists! With his fine set of teeth and his cheeky wave, he's not so scary after all.

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Results 16 - 27 of 27


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