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Baby Penguin

This friendly faced little baby penguin comes in three vibrant colours for you to choose from. Which one is your favourite, personally we can’t decide!

Baby Polar Bear

These adorable little baby polar bears are wrapped up and ready for a day in the snow! Pink earmuffs and rosy cheeks to match or blue earmuffs with a stylish scarf, choose your favourite to bring home this Christmas!

Big Polar Bear

Regular Price: £15.95

Special Price: £12.95

This polar bear has had a size up! And a good job too, as he's had to travel here all the way from the Himalayas. He's plodded across the globe especially to spend a day frolicking in the snow with you!

Cuddly Polar Bear

With his tubby little belly and warm open arms, this friendly little fellow is dying for a Christmas cuddle!

Fishing Penguin

Regular Price: £6.95

Special Price: £4.51

Teach a penguin to fish and he'll feed himself for a lifetime...

Golden Mr Snowman

What's Christmas without a little sparkle?...

Golden Penguin

Our happy little penguin is all ready for a festive night out.. He's twinkled up his toes and is wearing his sparkliest beak warmer so he's ready to hit the most happening igloo in town - It's definitely a night for going out out!<

Mini Penguins (bag of 3)

This trio of miniature penguins are dressed in their formal wear and lookin’ Fresh! I wonder where they’re off too...

Mini Snowmen (Bag of 5)

5 adorable mini snowman, each one dressed up in their favourite colour! Jack Frost will surely be jealous of any festive display these chaps are in!

Mr. Snowman

Whether he's walking in the air or hanging in your home, this lovely little snowman comes in three festive colours - all of which guaranteed to release that inner child and simply melt your heart.

Penguin Baubles (Bag of 3)

A trio of chunky penguin baubles, the perfect addition to any quirky Christmas tree!

Penguin on wooden base

This chubby little penguin has travelled for miles from the Himalayas and needs somewhere to warm his toes! Free standing on a natural wooden base, this little cutie looks great alone or displayed with friends.

Penguin Skiing

This adorable little penguin has always wanted to learn how to ski, and this Winter he’s finally giving it a go! I’m sure we’ll be seeing him zoom along the South Pole slopes in no time.

Polar Bear on Ice

This polar bear has been zooming across the glob, from Nepal to the North Pole and finally, your Christmas tree!

Polar Bear on wooden base

Regular Price: £10.95

Special Price: £7.95

This free standing Polar Bear is all wrapped up from the cold in his bright red knitted scarf. Whether you use him to jazz up your mantelpiece or keep guard over your mince pies for you - this polar bear is sure to make the perfect companion this Christmas!

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Results 1 - 15 of 23


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