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Arctic Fox

This little cutie isn't known for being particularly sociable, but he'll make an exception for you! Gorgeously fluffy white fur made from biodegradable materials and the sweetest little hand stitched expression, this adorable fox is sure to be a firm favourite with the family this winter.

Baby Arctic Fox

What’s cuter than an Arctic Fox? A baby arctic fox, obviously. Made from traditional needle felting techniques, this bright white and bright eyed little sweetheart is sure to melt your icy heart!

Baby Penguin

What a cutie! This baby penguin has become a firm favourite with all that meet him, with an eager step and sweet little wings he is sure to win your heart! Handmade and fair trade using biodegradable materials.

Baby Polar Bear

These adorable little baby polar bears are wrapped up and ready for a day in the snow! Pink earmuffs and rosy cheeks to match or blue earmuffs with a stylish scarf, choose your favourite to bring home this Christmas!

Cuddly Polar Bear

With his tubby little needle felted body and warm open arms, this friendly little fellow is simply dying for a Christmas cuddle! Hand-knitted blue scarf and adorable expression hand crafted using sustainable and biodegradable materials.

Diving Penguin

This Penguin is all suited up with his diving gear and he's ready to go catch himself a tasty snack! Hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right?!

Eddie Eskimo

Eddie Eskimo is a bit fed up with all the cold, he'd love a vacation from his igloo to your Christmas tree this year! Made from traditional needle felting techniques, with hand stitched detailing for that adorable little expression.

Emperor Penguin

This beautifully detailed, miniature version of everyone’s favourite black ‘n’ white waddling little cutie is sure to melt your heart this festive season.

Golden Mr Snowman

What's Christmas without a little sparkle? Our favourite snowman has decided he wants to get in on the glitzy action so his hat, nose and buttons are a snazzy gold - just perfect for the festive season! Needle felted using sustainable, biodegradable materials.

Golden Penguin

Our happy little penguin is all ready for a festive night out.. He's twinkled up his toes and is wearing his sparkliest beak warmer so he's ready to hit the most happening igloo in town - It's definitely a night for going out out!<

Hula Bear

Aloha! This little polar bear got sick and tired of all the snow in the North Pole, and has ventured on to warmer climates. After all, we all deserve a holiday every now and then! Cocktail, anyone?

Mini Mr. Snowmen (Bag of 3)

Our ever so popular Mr. Snowman has had a miniature makeover and is now three times as cute! These adorable little chaps come in an organza bag in three festive colours.

Mini Penguins (bag of 3)

This trio of miniature penguins are dressed in their formal wear and lookin’ Fresh! I wonder where they’re off too...

Mini Snowmen (Bag of 5)

Five adorable miniature snowmen, each one dressed up in their favourite colour and sure to stand out against the green branches of your Christmas tree. Sustainable, biodegradable and fair trade.

Mr. Snowman

Whether he's walking in the air or hanging in your home, this lovely little snowman comes in three festive colours - all of which guaranteed to release that inner child and simply melt your heart.

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Results 1 - 15 of 32


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