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Felt So Good Collections

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Buster the Ghost

It's Halloween night, so who you gonna call? Buster the Ghost, obviously. That crazy, hand stitched expression is pretty haunting... We're sure if you hung him up in your window he'd definitely warn off unwanted guests.

Busy Beehive

What's that sound? The sound of some busy ole bees buzzing around their colourful hive! These little guys are known for working super hard, we hope when Spring is over they get a nice holiday!

Busy Beehive Keyring

The perfect gift for any true Queen Bee! A beautiful Neon yellow needle felted design that you can carry with you forever, as well as promote some save the bees realness! Made from traditional needle felting techniques with hand stitched detailing and metal ring fixing.


A gorgeous collection of cactus in 7 different styles.

Camo Chamelon

Wait.. Where did Camo go?! If I were you I'd snap up this cheeky chameleon before he pulls his famous disappearing act again!

Candy Legged Reindeer

With candy canes for legs, she is a sweet surprise!

Carla the Camel

Carla has had us all believing...

Carlos the Crab

Put your pincers up for Carlos the Crab! You can catch this little critter strutting along the sandbanks (sideways, of course) or sunning himself in the sunshine. Handmade using natural and biodegradable materials.

Carrot Bunny Garland

A gorgeous Carrot and Bunny garland for Easter.

Cat Family

The perfect furry companions for any crazy cat people out there! These little treasures are sure to make the purrfect addition to your fur family.

Champagne Bottle

Pass the bubbles, darling! The perfect decoration for any occassion worth celebrating! Made using traditional needle felting techniques from 100% biodegradable materials, no real champagne inside... (Unfortunately)

Chattering Chicks

These little chicks spend all day chattering, they natter on about anything... so long as it's about food! Choose from 5 bright colours. Blue, Yellow, White, Green or Pink.

Cheeky Chickens (Bag of 3)

Cluck cluck cluck! What could be better than one cheeky chicken? Three cheeky chickens! These adorable minature hangings are perfect for any chicken lover out there, we're not sure if those eggs will be any use though - mini poached eggs anyone?


6 little needle felted hatchlings, all in different colours.

Chirpy Chicks

These Chirpy little Chicks are simply too cute! Choose from Shelly in her adorable eggshell trousers, Bonnie with her fabulous Easter Bonnet or Baxter and his big backpack of carrots. Or why not get all three?! Easter is the time to indulge, after all…

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Results 61 - 75 of 403


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