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Felt So Good Collections

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Blue Whale

Our Blue Whale is having a whale of a time...

Botanical Garland

Perfect for summer parties or adding some greenery to a dreary corner of your home - bunches of leafy, green foliage hand stitched onto natural rattan string to make a beautiful botanical garland. Made from natural, biodegradable materials and packaged in a reusable, canvas bag.

Brontosaurus Keyring

Regular Price: £4.95

Special Price: £2.47

This veggie loving giant is the perfect companion for any young palaeontologist's bag or keys! Handcrafted using traditional needle felting techniques.

Brown Bear on Wooden Base

Regular Price: £10.95

Special Price: £7.95

This little chap is certainly feeling proud of himself in his jolly red crown. We're sure he will look lovely among your festive decorations, but be sure to keep him well away from the honey! His beady little eyes and wrinkly nose can hunt out honey from miles away...

Brown Hedgehog

An adorable little hedgehog that you can pick up and snuggle, no spikes here! This little cutie is made from traditional needle felting techniques, each soft and delicate spike hand stitched onto his back by our team of skilled artists in Nepal.

Brown Owl

Regular Price: £9.95

Special Price: £4.97

Wise old Owl is here to help with all those burning questions.

Brown Puddings (bag of 3)

These Christmas pudding baubles look almost good enough to eat...

Bruce the Shark

Look at all of Bruce's gleaming white teeth - but we don't recommend getting too close, we heard he can be a bit snappy.

Buddy the Festive Dog

Buddy is the resident pooch at Mr and Mrs Claus's house in the North Pole. He's been ever so excited for the festive season and it's finally here! He's got on his matching gear and he's ready to help with getting those toys out on Christmas Eve! Woof!

Bully The Moose

Guess what Bully got for Christmas?

Bumblebee Garland

This bumble bee garland has all those busy little worker bees flocking back to their hive to impress their queen! They've been out in the sunshine all day collecting pollen, but there's no rest for these busy little bees! Spring time doesn't last forever, and there's honey to make!

Bunny Garland

A pinch of colour for this Easter.

Bunny with carrot

Hop into Easter with this adorable little chap! I'm sure he'd love to join you for an Easter Egg Hunt, if he can only put his snack down for five minutes...

Bunny with Orange Scarf

This little, grey bunny is certainly ready for any weather, all thanks to his brand new scarf!

Buoyant Mouse

This City Mouse is on a much needed holiday, with his trusty Duck companion.

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Results 46 - 60 of 403


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