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Percy the Stag

Percy is quite the Lord of the Manor...

Rabbit in Cardigan

This rabbits certainly very pleased with himself! I wonder if it's because of his huge carrot or his cosy cardigan.

Rabbit with Scarf

This Rabbit is ready for any cold weather coming his way in his beautiful blue scarf.

Raccoon on Bike

Looks like someone has his own Christmas Plan with an special delivery

Red Bushy Squirrel

With his own real acorn, this is a gorgeous felt squirrel with red bushy hair

Reindeer with Knitted Scarf

Pointy antlers and a big red nose…


With his bright red nose and wolly scarf, rudolf won't be getting cold this christmas!

Rudolph in his Christmas Jumper

Rudolph is proudly showing off his Christmas jumper and doesn't he look great?

Rudolph on wooden base

With his cute red felted nose and his beautiful brown eyes...

Rusty Fox

Have you seen Rusty the Fox frolicking in the woods?

Skiing Sheep

All set for that slalom run,...

Sparkly Rudolph

Rudolph's gone all glitzy...

Swimming Duck

This little duck is taking his swimming very seriously!

White Christmas Rudolph

Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer, the authentic.

Winter Badger

Badger is ready for the chilly months with his Cosy red scarf.

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Results 31 - 45 of 46


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