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Agnes Mouse

Hand-crafted in the Himalayas...

Angelica Mouse

Angelica is beautifully hand crafted...

Bear with Christmas Tree

Well someone has been busy!

Big Festive Mouse

It just got a bit festive in here!

Big Rudolph

This larger than life rudolph is impossibly cute and ready to spend the festive season with his new owner.

Brown Bear on wooden base

This little chap isn't fearsome at all and, with his jolly red crown...

Bully The Moose

Guess what Bully got for Christmas?

Candy Legged Reindeer

With candy canes for legs, she is a sweet surprise!

Christmas Bear

Watch out for this adorable little bear!

Christmas Sloth

If you watch very, very carefully...

Fantasy Tree Toppers / Egg Cosies

Unicorns, flamingos, flying pigs, anything is possible in a fantasy felted world.

Festive Mouse

This cute little mouse has a nose for treats!

Holly Sprig

A festive bunch of holly to hang in your house.

Holly Wreath

A lovely, leafy holly wreath to hang on your door.

Little Fella

All set for Christmas, wearing his big Santa hat, this little mouse is a perfect addition to your Christmas Tree

Sort by:

Results 1 - 15 of 32


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