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Cosy Fox Keyring

This cute little guy is the perfect companion for your keys!

Cuddly Polar Bear

This is the sweetest version of the Polar Bear.

Daisy Bunny

Can you guess what Daisy Bunny's favourite flower is?


This beautiful Damselfish is definitely not in distress!

Daschund Dog

This gorgeous Daschund has a beautiful festive scarf, perfect for winter!

Decorative Trees

What a perfect way to display your lovely felt hangings!

Drunk Santa

He's had one too many sherries this year! Add this jolly red Santa to your collection.


What a cheeky little elf!

Elsa Jellyfish

Elsa, the beautiful white jellyfish bobbing along the ocean with her bendy tentacles!

Emperor Penguin

This stunningly crafted emperor penguin makes a lovely addition to any room.

Fantasy Tree Toppers / Egg Cosies

Unicorns, flamingos, flying pigs, anything is possible in a fantasy felted world.

Feather and Bird Garland

This is a lovely decoration for any special occasion

Festive Mouse

This cute little mouse has a nose for treats!

Fish Skeleton

Looks like somebody got to this Fish first!

Fishing Penguin

Regular Price: £6.95

Special Price: £4.51

An skilled penguin that fishes all the year around with his professional rod

Sort by:

Results 46 - 60 of 190


per page

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