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Lamas are well know for their luxurious wool.

Lama Fiesta

Our cheery lama is a happy soul...

Lanky Christmas Dinosaur

This friendly little chap is certainly ready for Christmas, and with the bell on his extra long festive hat, you probably heard him coming all the way from the Himalays!

Mini Christmas Characters

These adorable little characters will hang beautifully from your tree this year!

Mini Christmas Pudding Wreath

This Christmas Pudding Wreath is a gift in itself.

Mini Christmas Wreath

Add some extra colour this Christmas with this beautiful mini wreath...

Mini Toadstools (Bag of 5)

These toadstools are bound to add a little woodland charm to wherever they're displayed...

Mistletoe Garland

Decorative mistletoe to drape around your house!

Mistletoe Garland with Doves

Drape around your house with this unique mistletoe with little doves

Mistletoe Mini Wreath

A little mini wreath to hang on your door.

Mistletoe Mini Wreath with Dove

A little mini wreath hides a white dove and it will look lovely in any home

Mistletoe Sprig

A sprig of mistletoe to hang, will there be a kiss?

Mistletoe Wreath

A lovely mistletoe wreath to hang on your door.

Mistletoe Wreath with Dove

Hang on your door this lovely mistletoe wreath that has a secret on it, a little dove.

Ollie the Octopus

All of Ollie the Octopus's tentacles are bendable and made with love.

Sort by:

Results 46 - 60 of 91


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