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Christmas Angel

A beautiful addition to any Christmas Tree.

Christmas Angel Topper

This beautiful Christmas Angel is perfect for the top of any Christmas tree.

Christmas Character Badges

Adorable Christmas badges to jazz up any warm jumper this Festive Season.

Christmas Dinosaur

Our Christmas Dinosaur may not be the best choice to guard your mince pies this Christmas...

Christmas Dinosaur with Specs

This Christmas Dinosaur is all wrapped up in his festive hat and scarf, luckily he has his specs on so he can see through the winter snowstorms!

Christmas Pudding On Wooden Base

This yummy Christmas pud won't have you piling on the pounds this Christmas...

Christmas Pudding Wreath

This Christmas Pudding Wreath is almost good enough to eat. Mmm...


This beautiful cockatoo flew here all the way from Nepal.

Colourful Advent Calendar

The gorgeous advent calendar will last year after year.

Cosy Country Hare

This Cosy Country Hare is wrapped up in his beautiful handknitted red scarf.

Cosy Dinosaur

This friendly fellow is wrapped up warm in a beautiful handkitted hat and festive holly scarf. Perhaps he's preparing for another ice age..

Cuddly Polar Bear

This is the sweetest version of the Polar Bear.


This beautiful Damselfish is definitely not in distress!

Daschund Dog

This gorgeous Daschund has a beautiful festive scarf, perfect for winter!

Decorative Trees

What a perfect way to display your lovely felt hangings!

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Results 16 - 30 of 91


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