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Agnes Mouse

Hand-crafted in the Himalayas...

Angel Sheep

Our Heavenly Angel Sheep is ready to bring some Chrismtas magic to your home.

Angelica Mouse

Angelica is beautifully hand crafted...

Baby Penguin

What a cutie! This baby penguin has become a firm favourite with all that meet him, with an eager step and sweet little wings he is sure to win your heart.

Baby Polar Bear

These little cuties are all ready for winter but only needs a home.

Baby Robin

This Baby Robin can't wait for Mum to get home with a nice juicy worm!


A beautiful adjustable Ballerina in a beautiful dress.

Ballerina Dinosaur

I heard our Ballerina Dinosaur's favourite dance is the sugar plum scary...

Bat Bauble

A funny little batty friend to help scare away the ghouls and ghosties on Halloween.

Bear with Christmas Tree

Well someone has been busy!

Bear with Scarf

This little brown bears beautiful handknitted scarf matches his festive bouquet!

Bedtime Mouse

Our sleepy mouse is ready for bed!

Big Festive Mouse

It just got a bit festive in here!

Big Penguin

This baby penguin has grown awfully large!

Big Polar Bear

All the way from the Arctic this friendly Polar Bear is here to play.

Sort by:

Results 1 - 15 of 186


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