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Running around in the field, it's a curly alpaca and he's dying to meet you! Textured coat with needle felted detail, he's hard to resist!

'Boy' 'Girl' Crest

Celebrate a new arrival with this lovely 'Boy' or 'Girl' hanging felt crest featuring a cheeky little monkey or sweet little bunny.

Adorn Gloves

Fingerless gloves practical and stylish

Adorn Purse

A unique and original design.


Watch out, there's a toothy alligator about!


A wonderful adornment for a Christmas tree or festive space. Handmade Felt.

Animal Cushions

Perfect for the little one in your life


We love our mini version of the colossal Ankylosaurus! He'd normally be 4 tons!


These magnificent decorations are the perfect adornment to any tree or space

Arctic Garland

With a whole range of adorable arctic animals and characters, this garland looks delightful in any space.

Autumnal Garland 120cm

Decorate your house with Autumn leaves with this garland. Reds, greens and yellows combined to make a colourful display.

Autumnal Leaves (set of 5)

Bring the outdoors in with these Autumnal leaves. They will hang beautifully in your home adding accents of colour where ever they are placed!

Autumnal Sprig

A beautiful sprig of autumnal leaves, ready to hang in your home. This decoration has a range of needle felted colours to brighten up any space.

Autumnal Wreath

A beautiful big wreath filled with autumn leaves. Golden, orange and burgundy, this decoration will bring you lots of joy.

Baby Doublet Purse

A mini purse designed for little hands to use.

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Results 1 - 15 of 371


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