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Artistic Mouse

This creative mouse is ready to paint smiles on your face.


The leader of the pack, this badger is a fantastic addition to our Woodland Collection

Bear Brooch

This cute little brooch is perfect for all bear lovers! Handmade felt. 6cmx5cm

Bear with Balloon

has a balloon and wants to share it with everyone

Big Fox

This cheeky woodland fellow is on the look out for a tasty snack!

Big Red Fox

Cunning and clever, this large red fox is beautifully made and soft enough to hug.

Big Unicorn

Every girl's dream: a beautiful white unicorn to call her very own!

Book Worm

He cannot control, he just loves books!

Brown Bear on wooden base

This little chap isn't fearsome at all and, with his jolly red crown...

Decorative Trees

What a perfect way to display your lovely felt hangings!

Fantasy Tree Toppers / Egg Cosies

Unicorns, flamingos, flying pigs, anything is possible in a fantasy felted world.

Fluffy Fox

This gorgeous orange fox from Woodland Collection has a felted fluffy coat

Foraging Mouse

Ready for his next adventure, this little chap is off to go foraging in the forest.

Forest Fairy

Keep those Pixies at bay with the help of your very own Forest Fairy.


Sporting a bushy tale and cheeky whiskers

Sort by:

Results 1 - 15 of 42


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