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Bay Pony

This lively little pony is happy trotting around any home.

Big Bumble Bee

Always with a smile, this big bumblebee is never far away from the hive!

Big Flying Pig

The day has come when pigs really fly!

Big-eared Bunny

This delightful and floppy eared rabbit is a fantastic addition to your family. It's hard to be glum when he's around!

Bunny Head

Bunnies aren't just for Easter!

Bunny in Robe

This homey bunny would love to have a cup of tea with you at home

Busy Beehive

The bees are busy buzzing around this colourful beehive.


6 little needle felted hatchlings, all in different colours.

Cluck Cluck

A farmyard favourite, this cute little chicken has bundles of personality! Handmade felt

Crazy Chick

He may be a bit crazy but he's still cute as a button!

Daisy the Cow

A moo and then a jingle, it must be daisy and her bell!

Dog With Bone

This dog is certainly like a dog with a bone!


Hee-Haw! This adorable little donkey can be used all year round to add an splash of charm to your interior


This little duckling will rest happily anywhere

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Results 1 - 15 of 33


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