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Big-eared Bunny

This delightful and floppy eared rabbit is a fantastic addition to your family. It's hard to be glum when he's around!

Bunny Head

Bunnies aren't just for Easter!

Bunny in Robe

This homey bunny would love to have a cup of tea with you at home

Crazy Chick

He may be a bit crazy but he's still cute as a button!

Easter Chick

An Easter favourite, this beautiful bird loves her daisy headband.

Easter Chicks (bag of 5)

These chirping chicks are a colourful bunch.

Easter Eggs (Bag of 5)

5 little needle felted Easter eggs all in different patterns.

Eggs On Legs

These cheeky little easter chicks are looking forward to meeting you!

Goofy Bunny Head

Cute and crazy, this goofy bunny head is a fun filled decoration for any occasion.

Grey Bunny

If you are very quiet the Grey Bunny will appear, rustling through the foliage out of her den.

Hatching Chick

Oh look, what's that? A chick is hatching out of it's shell.

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Results 11


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