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Autumnal Garland 120cm

Decorate your house with Autumn leaves with this garland.

Autumnal Leaves (set of 5)

Bring the outdoors in with these Autumnal leaves.

Autumnal Sprig

A beautiful sprig of autumnal leaves, ready to hang in your home.

Autumnal Wreath

A beautiful big wreath filled with autumn leaves.


This happy chap is out from the caves to wish you a scary Halloween!

Big Pumpkin

A character filled pumpkin face perfect for Halloween decorating.

Halloween Faces (bag of 5)

5 cheeky pumpkin faces, all with different expressions.

Mini Autumnal Wreath

This little wreath has all the charm of Autumn in it's compact little ring.

Mushrooms (bag of 5)

5 little needle felted mushrooms in autumnal colours with real sticks.


What's that on the wall? 8 legs and a big black body, it's a spider!


She flies through the skies on her broomstick, cackling away and casting her spells.

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Results 11


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